Top 5 Reasons the Grinch would be a terrible Bowhunter

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Top 5 Reasons the Grinch would be a terrible Bowhunter

Top 5 reasons why the Grinch would be a terrible Bowhunter. By: Jonathan Fassnacht

1. He stinks. Bowhunters must be actively aware of their body odor. Hence many products on the market including carbon activated scent control clothing, body wash, and cover scents. A deer's nose has 60 times more scent receptors than a human’s. As for the Grinch, he could use some personal hygiene lessons, scent blocker soap, and could lay off the onion eating.

2. His name means Grumpy: A Bowhunter is the ultimate optimist, there is just no other way. The time required to research, scout, practice, prepare, and sacrifice time away from loved ones comes at a price. And then when we have put in hundreds of hours preparing, and our set ups don’t work, it takes true determination and resilience to keep pushing and work harder just like Cam Hanes! Nobody Cares, Work Harder!

3. He pays no attention to detail: Obvious from the way that the Grinch cuts out and assembles his Santa outfit, he isn’t very detail oriented. Bowhunters are meticulous about their gear prep, their processes, and especially their clothes. The Grinch’s cave is a sloppy mess and I’m sure he’d forget his release at least 50% of the time.

4. He is mean to his dog: Contrary to popular belief, Bowhunters are animal lovers. Death is a necessary reality of hunting. It is part of the circle of life and is NOT why we hunt. We hunt because we are the ultimate predator and it makes us feel alive. We have the deepest respect for all animals because we understand their beauty, we are in awe of their habitat, and we are keenly aware of the brevity of life itself.

5. He is irritated by the happiness of others: The truest joy in life is giving and helping others be successful along the way. Before the Grinch’s drastic life turnaround, he gets irritated by Whoville’s Christmas cheer and even steals from Cindy Lou Who! Definitely not the spirit of a Bowhunter. It makes me just as happy to see my friends successful in their pursuits of their trophies as it does my own...Merry Christmas.