Snyper LRS Video Transmitting Cellular 4G Trail Camera 1080P / 12MP

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  • SEND VIDEO CLIPS TO YOU PHONE: This Cell trail camera operates on a Multi-Tower network and sends direct text photos to ANY phone directly or the Free Snyper Hunting App. 
  • FREE SIM CARD INCLUDED: Wireless Trail Camera is 4G compatible hunting camera. Snyper Recommends adding a data plan at Rate PLANS cost $29.90 to $69.90 per year.
  • 12MP TRAIL CAMERA WIRELESS or REGULAR: Requires SD Card (2-32 GB not included) for use and can be used as Wireless trail camera or regular non cellular trail camera. It captures and transmits Extremely High Quality 12MP Day / Night game camera IMAGES and VIDEO.
  • GREAT TRAIL CAMERA SECURITY OPTION - NO FLASH LED: 12 MP Photos & 56 Blacked Out LEDs with 0.4 Second Trigger Speed can take up to 5 multi-shot images. Captures quality nighttime images. Easily programable Time Lapse modes capture great photos and give you easy hunting trail cameras scouting options.
  • EASY TO SET UP: 1) Activate SIM CARD with Sim Hero Instructions Card 2) Program Camera and start getting photos and Videos today.* Most Affordable & Reliable Cell Trail Camera on the Market.* Does not connect to Wifi - only cell networks.

Snyper Hunting Products was created to provide the most affordable products, with the highest quality, to the market. 

The LRS 4G Cellular Trail Camera is simple to set up. We highly recommend customers watch the Youtube set up video after purchasing a Data plan for their included SIM Card from the SIM HERO Website on the card. 

What batteries should I use?

We HIGHLY suggest the use of 12 - AA Energizer Lithium batteries or our Snyper Solar Panel option. Lithium batteries perform even in the most extreme temperatures and at a higher voltage, making Lithium batteries perfect for outdoor devices. Camera life will be extended when using lithium batteries. 

2 yr warranty.


Snyper Recommends Activating the SIM CARD through the Sim Hero Website. Instructions are included in the package. 

QUICK SET UP: To Receive Pictures on your Cell Phone, go to the “(Cellular) 4G TAB” -> “Sending Options” -> Here you will choose where you want to view your pictures. 
1)Snyper App: Enter in the CAMERA’s newly assigned Phone number only in the space provided, then hit the “^” symbol to save. Then press “Menu” to exit. 
2)Cell Phone #: Enter your 10 digit Personal Cell Phone Number in the space provided, then hit the “^” symbol to save. 
. NEXT Choose your major carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Straight Talk, T-Mobile). Then press “Menu” to exit. Other cell providers please use the Free Snyper Hunting App. 
3)Email: Enter in the personal email Address where you would like to receive your pictures. (Camera can send up to 4 separate email entries). Then hit the “^” symbol to save. Then press “Menu” to exit.